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Tappy ToesNursery is managed by Sophia Dennis and Sonia Subash. As mothers with high values and aspirations for our children, we were so determined that a day-care nursery offered the same, we decided to create one. Here, love and encouragement go hand in hand with inspiration and achievement in a Montessori setting.

Children are natural learners. Given the right environment, they will flourish, excel and have tremendous fun. We wanted our nursery to provide that environment in a calm, productive atmosphere. We base education of the individual at the heart of what we do, so that each child finds a lifelong love of learning and skills for school and the future.

Their desire to learn comes from within and we ensure that we recruit many experienced and well-qualified staff to guide each child every step of the way. Continuous professional development is encouraged and required, so that our staff are the very best examples we can offer your child. We work closely with you, the parent, so that your child gets the most from these early years, a period when the most concentrated development in life takes place.

Our children are clever and ingenious. They are potential inventors, explorers, creators and parents. Each one learns everything without knowing it and that is what Dr.Montessori knew, recorded and explored. So, we do ‘follow the child’, with great wonder and admiration and we look forward to seeing what the amazing possibilities are. There are some amazing discoveries, experiments, and lots of fun for every unique child at the core of our nurseries

Our Happy Parents

  • Raavee Kadam

    My son Adhrit has been going to Tappy Toes nursery for past 1.5 years, since the age of 2.2 years. After visiting 5-6 nurseries, I zeroed down on this nursery, the foremost reason being the owners Sonia and Sophia... (Read More)

  • Ahnanth Kumar & Revathy

    Tappy Toes Nursery is the most fantastic, well organized and friendly Nursery, we have ever come across. The teachers and nannies are very friendly and have treated our daughter very well... (Read More)

  • Fehmeena Fakih

    I dropped her in there, Thinking let her mingle with others. But day by day, the activities there... Changed my little angel To a Powerpuff Girl. The phonics and numbers will be with her. The trips she went will always be in her... (Read More)

  • Hariharan & Saranya

    Riya is extremely enjoying her time with Tappy Toes, she feels Tappy toes as second home. All the staffs are friendly and professional. When we started looking for different school for Riya's KG admission, she was firmly saying I don't want to go to any school other than Tappy Toes... (Read More)


Tappy Toes Nursery is managed by Sophia Dennis and Sonia Subash. As mothers with high values and aspirations for our children.



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The activity of community helpers the both kids act like a doctor & patient