Lending Library

Lending Library

As part of our on-going efforts to encourage pre-literacy and support you with reading to your children at home, we are creating a Lending Library within the Tappy Toes Nursery. It is every parent’s wish that their children grow up to be smart and knowledgeable. And this initiative is to make that wish come true. We all know the benefits of reading and that it must start at an early age so the habit stays for life. Our Lending Library is an ideal way of introducing your child to a selection of stories and books. Children will choose from wide spectrum of age-appropriate board and picture books provided by a Dubai based book rental service. They have an enormous collection of books for children right from birth to adults. All the books are of high quality and standards and are supplied from US, UK, India etc. Samples of the books can be seen on request. The Lending Library guidelines are as follows: * The monthly charge for the Lending Library is AED 50/- * Your child will be given 2 books on Thursday to take home and bring back the following Thursday. The child will receive 8-10 books in a month, depending on the number of Thursdays in the month. Due to time constraints and our busy routine, books can only be exchanged and checked on this particular day. * The child has a whole week to read 2 books. In case the books are not returned on the specified date, a late fee of AED 25 will be charged. * In case the book is damaged, lost or not returned, the replacement value of the book will be charged, depending on the book. In addition, we have created a colorful, cozy, and well-resourced Library Area, where their lifelong passion for reading can be stimulated. Our designated area is a permanent feature of our enabling environment and we encourage both the children and practitioners within the setting to use it often. Enabling young children to develop a love of reading is a worthwhile venture. However, without your support it is almost impossible for your child to reach their full potential in this important area of learning. We encourage you to look at books and pictures with your child for just ten minutes a day to put them on the path to becoming strong readers. Our strong suggestion to Parents is also to inculcate in children, the habit of taking care of the books. Discuss with them the importance of handling books carefully. We suggest that you encourage your child to place the book in a safe place at home every time he/she finishes reading it. This will ensure that the books are not misplaced and are returned on time to avoid fines.


If you require any further information or have a question about the Lending Library, please contact 056-4468430.

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