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AtTappy Toes Nursery we are mindful of what children and parents will be facing in their educational journey and we are committed to providing children the strongest foundation to solidify this love of learning. The first few years of a child is considered very crucial as their brain continues to mature, nerve cells with countless branches that absorb every bit of information with utmost zeal from the environment in which they are in. As the child’s brain matures, the brain nerve endings are trimmed as they mature which gets reflected in the ability to learn. That’s one reason why basics of life are taught early in life and not later. Considering the above in the course of child development, early education given to a child becomes much more important than it was previously taught.

It is the will and the responsibility of a parent to provide the child the best environment from which they can fulfil their curiosity of learning.  With their learning and absorbing information from their environment it is crucial to identify and develop certain important areas of child development, which are cognitive, social, emotional and physical developments.

Attitude formation begins early in young children, so we consider every child unique and provide them repeated opportunities to engage in spontaneous play, using their creative, imaginative and curious selves.

We make sure to provide them an enabling environment fostering children's interest and motivation, their analytical abilities, the ability to be engaged and focused in an activity that they choose that will fortify this emerging disposition towards learning.

Placed in a stress free environment and a myriad of opportunity to learn, the child can learn more about its world here with us. A stress free environment in the beginning few years of a child can reduce the chances of a child developing behavioural problems later in life. We are cognizant about the above and we strive to provide the children an environment which is stress free and joyous to the learning child.

With experienced and dedicated teachers who are well informed in early child development, we know that the children who come to us will be respected, supported and enriched as they grow and develop into competent young people. 


Tappy Toes Nursery is managed by Sophia Dennis and Sonia Subash. As mothers with high values and aspirations for our children.



Both kids are doing activity at nursery
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a baby riding a tricycle at nursery
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The activity of community helpers the both kids act like a doctor & patient