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Raavee Kadam

My son Adhrit has been going to Tappy Toes nursery for past 1.5 years, since the age of 2.2 years. After visiting 5-6 nurseries, I zeroed down on this nursery, the foremost reason being the owners Sonia and Sophia. When I spoke to them for the first time, I could see their passion, dedication & confidence and felt that they really understood our expectations and insecurities as parents while sending such a young child in their care. Secondly, I feel that all playschools will teach similar things to kids, but the kind of love and care Adhrit got from this nursery, which is especially important for such young kids when they are away from their parents for the first time, is something I really appreciate about the staff. The staff is simply wonderful !! Adhrit has not only learnt his alphabets, numbers, rhymes, etc. but the various field trip and class activities has taught him different life skills. I never really had anything to complain about in the past 1.5 years and feel grateful that I got such a great nursery for my son which he really enjoyed and learnt so much !!

Ahnanth Kumar & Revathy

Tappy Toes Nursery is the most fantastic, well organized and friendly Nursery, we have ever come across. The teachers and nannies are very friendly and have treated our daughter very well. Hence, we felt family like environment. We have seen many positive changes in our daughter after joining this nursery. TTN has made a strong base for our daughter for further education. The field trips for the children’s are enhancing mental growth and social skill development. We are really satisfied with the nursery and the teachers. Hence, we will highly recommend this Nursery to every parent who cares about their children’s wellbeing. A lot of thanks to everyone at TTN for taking care of our daughter skills development.

Fehmeena Fakih

I dropped her in there, Thinking let her mingle with others. But day by day, the activities there... Changed my little angel To a Powerpuff Girl. The phonics and numbers will be with her. The trips she went will always be in her.. The cooking without fire made her think. "I'll be the best cook, than mom think" Busy wispering rhymes, her fingers keeps colouring.. And fills my ears with the happenings in Nursery. So many changes happened in her.. Thank you Tappy Toes for bringing the wonder in her...

Hariharan & Saranya

Riya is extremely enjoying her time with Tappy Toes, she feels Tappy toes as second home. All the staffs are friendly and professional. When we started looking for different school for Riya's KG admission, she was firmly saying I don't want to go to any school other than Tappy Toes. She is very much attached with the nursery and the staffs. We had to relocate to different flat, we have got many options nearby our workplace. But we decided to stay in Karama, only for Tappy Toes. Riya will be joining Gems for KG from next month but will continue her Day Care with Tappy Toes. To all the staffs & management of Tappy Toes: You guys are doing awesome job, keep it up.


Tappy Toes Nursery is managed by Sophia Dennis and Sonia Subash. As mothers with high values and aspirations for our children.



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The activity of community helpers the both kids act like a doctor & patient